Introduction to Cozy

The casino gambling world is full of upstarts and new companies – so what’s distinctive about Cozy is that it has been in business for almost two decades. Since then, it has become a respected provider. As well as actually developing games and offering them to other firms on a white label basis, it also helps ensure that casino websites are operating as they should.

The games it has on its books are strong and include everything from bingo to slots. The company claims to be working with partners that have over 4.5 million players on their books in total – which is an impressive statistic.

History of Cozy

Cozy was founded in 2004, which means that it is one of the oldest internet gambling companies to still be in existence. For many players, this will indicate a level of legitimacy that could lead to them choosing Cozy’s games over those from another provider.

The history of its business model is also interesting. Rather than just developing games to license out in its own right, Cozy develops games on a white-level basis. This means that it allows other providers to pay for the right to put their branding or similar on games made by Cozy, and then from there offer them to their customer bases.

The company is regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. In the UK, meanwhile, it is regulated by the Gambling Commission.

Cozy Top Games

The primary business focus of Cozy Games is bingo. It’s in this sub-sector that the company has enjoyed some top partnerships, including with brands such asComfy Bingo and Bingo Bytes. However, it has also expanded its business focus to include games from other parts of the gambling sector, such as slot games and even online scratch cards.

Coffee House is one such fun slot game that the firm offers. This game has five reels and fivepaylines, so there is plenty to like about it if you prioritize good gameplay. The design at this company sometimes leaves something to be desired, and this game is one example of a Cozy game thatdoesn’t go too overboard on the aesthetic front. However, this could be a boon to some players, who may prefer the option of enjoying a chilled-out slot experience rather than one thatassaults the senses.

Chain Reactors Trails, meanwhile, is another option. This comes with a relatively low Return to Player percentage at just under 95%, which may put off some players. The volatility, meanwhile, is medium to high – so it’s ideal for those who don’t mind risk. However,it’s just one among many slot games that this provider offers – and it’s worth remembering that there’s a whole catalogof more than 100 games to pick from.

Cozy Notable Awards

Cozy has been nominated for several awards over the years. One example of the recognition it has received in the industry comes from back in 2010 when the company was told that it had been entered as a contender in the International Gaming Awards that year. It was nominated in the ‘iGaming Software Supplier’ category.

What was particularly distinctive about this awards ceremony was that it happened in a fever pitch of competition. Almost 300 entries were received for the 18 different categories, so it was highly oversubscribed.

Cozy Summary

Overall, Cozy seems to be a popular provider with a range of different options to pick from in its portfolio. Whether you want to play bingo games or slot games, or whether you want simple themes or not, there’s likely to be something in the Cozy collection. It’s also worth remembering that this is a long-established company, and also one that has experienced some industry recognition– so, in many ways, it is a strong choice.

It’s hard to tell what might be on the cards next for Cozy. The fact that it has diversified its offering by providing services such as bingo and slots under the same umbrella could indicate that it will do that again by moving into a new vertical, though this is entirely speculative. It remains to be seen what it will do.

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