Losing your streak: how to keep your cool when your luck runs out

As anyone who has ever stepped foot in a casino or played a casino game before will know all too well, losing is part of the game. There is simply no way of getting around it, you will inevitably be faced with the possibility that a particular round, hand, or spin of the roulette wheel won’t go your way.

In one sense, however, the possibility that you might lose is part of what makes gambling so exciting. If you were guaranteed a win every time without the possibility of losing, gambling simply wouldn’t have the same amount of excitement! And as anyone who has played at the best NJ online casino knows, this excitement is exactly what keeps us coming back to the card table!

Although losing is an inherent part of the game, this does not mean it is any easier to accept when it happens. And that is particularly true when you have built up a winning streak. With the excitement of winning building up over the course of multiple rounds, the feeling you get when your luck eventually runs out can make for a harsh contrast.

Given that losing is part of the game, however, what are some approaches we can take or some mindset shifts we can do to ensure we have a healthier approach to this part of online casino gambling?

Know your limits

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to embracing a loss of their winning streak is not knowing when to call it quits. Before you start gambling for the day, you should always have in your mind a limit on how much you want to play with. This applies equally to both wins and losses, however. In fact, knowing at what point you are going to step away from the table and take your winnings is equally as important as having a limit of losses you are willing to suffer. This allows you to protect your winnings without the risk of losing them in future games.

Don’t chase your losses

Having a set limit—and sticking to it—helps to prevent you from chasing your losses when you suffer a number of losses in a row. Players ‘chase’ their losses when they try and aggressively win back whatever they have lost. Often, this causes them to make irrational betting decisions they would not ordinarily make. Sticking to your betting limits for that day is a good way of helping you to avoid doing this – however this is often easier said than done! An even easier way of getting yourself out of this kind of cycle is to simply take a break. Stepping away from the virtual betting table gives you the opportunity to reset by putting some emotional space between you and the game. This could give you just the mental reset you need to get back in the win column!

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